Neurosymbolic Generative Models have recently gained attention as a promising approach to integrate the strengths of both symbolic reasoning and deep generative modeling. These models combine the ability of symbolic models to explicitly represent abstract concepts and logical reasoning with the ability of neural models to learn and generalize from data.

NeSy-GeMs (Neurosymbolic Generative Models) is a new hybrid workshop at ICLR 2023 to discuss the intersection of Neurosymbolic and generative modeling. You can join us either virtually or in Kigali (room AD1) on the 4th of May.

Important dates

  • Call for Papers released: Dec. 16th, 2022
  • Paper submission deadline: Feb. 8th, 2023 (AoE)
  • Reviews released: Mar. 3rd, 2023
  • Camera ready deadline: Apr. 22th, 2023 (AoE)
  • Poster and prerecorded presentation deadline: Apr. 30th, 2023 (AoE)
  • Hybrid workshop date: May 4th, 2023


Program Committee

Christo Thomas (Virginia Tech), Elvira Amador-Domínguez (UPM), Hanna Abi Akl (Data ScienceTech), Lauren Nicole DeLong (University of Edinburgh), Mihaela C Stoian (University of Oxford), Tommaso Carraro (FBK Trento), Abhishek Sinha (Waymo), Alessandro Daniele (FBK Trento), Andreas W.M. Sauter (VU Amsterdam), Atharva Sehgal (University of Texas), Christopher Hahn (Stanford University), Daniel Daza (VU Amsterdam), David Friede (Universität Mannheim), Ehsan Shareghi (Monash University), Eleonora Giunchiglia (TU Wien), Emanuele Sansone (KU Leuven), Erman Acar (University of Amsterdam), Giuseppe Marra (KU Leuven), Gunjan Aggarwal (Georgia Tech), Harman Singh (Meta AI), Jan-Christoph Kalo (VU Amsterdam), Jedrzej Potoniec (Poznan University), Megan Tjandrasuwita (MIT), Patrick Emami (NREL), Robin Manhaeve (KU Leuven), Sebastijan Dumancic (TU Delft), Sharvaree Vadgama (University of Amsterdam), Sreejan Kumar (Princeton), Stefano Teso (University of Trento), Thomas Demeester (University of Gent), Tomasz Korbak (NYU), Zhe Zeng (UCLA)


We encourage posting all general questions on our Google Groups. For private or specific questions, contact